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DirectX for TMT pascal

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This page is dedicated to DirectX and espessially DirectXGraphics in TMT pascal compiler!

Here you can find additional resources for TMT pascal not originally included in distribution of version 4.0. They'll include DirectX SDK updates (both bug-fixes and updates for new versions), samples of DirectX usage in TMT pascal etc.

For latest information look at news page intended for TMT pascal.

If you don't know what TMT pascal is - look at

 Current valuable updates:
22-Jan-2004 DirectX 9.0 SDK for TMT pascal and Direct3D9 samples released.
Note: D3DFramework units (D3DApp, DXUtils etc.) for Direct3D9 is incompatible with Direct3D8 one, so to compile Direct3D examples for either version of DirectX you should install correct version of framework.
11-Apr-2002 Samples page have new examples
18-Feb-2002 Update for included in TMT pascal 4.0 DirectX SDK 8.0 for pascal

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